Shubenacadie Wildlife Park Field Trip

We visited Shubenacadie Wildlife Park to learn about animal needs and characteristics. We saw many of the animals that we studied this term, and we finally got to meet Shubenacadie Sam, our region's famous weather-forecasting groundhog. We also learned lots of new and strange animal facts, including river otters have very dense hair, porcupines are fantastic climbers, emus bend their knees backwards, reindeer's knees and ankles click when they walk, and groundhogs like to eat apples, potatoes and carrots. We got to hand feed the park's white-tailed deer too. Since it was a beautiful, sunny day, we visited the park's playground before we boarded the school van for the journey home. Thank you to our workshop instructor, Codie, as well as Sharlene Loveless, Logan's mom, who chaperoned.