For Grade Primary/One, homework goes home on Friday and is due back at school the following Wednesday. Hopefully, this set-up will allow each family to complete the homework as it best suits your schedule. The contents of your child’s homework packet will vary from week to week, but it will always contain the weekly list of spelling words which need to be practised in preparation for Friday morning’s test. There will also be activities which are meant to reinforce skills learned in other areas of the curriculum like Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Technology and Art.

New concepts will not be introduced in homework, so if your child doesn’t seem to know what to do or is struggling to complete the homework, please let me know. Also, it is perfectly acceptable for your child to miss an occasional week of homework due to unusually high demands on their time (grandparents visiting, dance recital, hockey tournament, etc.). I would rather you let me know that your child will only be able to complete part of the homework or none of the homework than have your family put under undue stress over a homework assignment. It is more important for your child to develop a positive attitude towards homework and learning than it is for them to complete every homework assignment.

In addition to the weekly homework pack, all children should be reading for 20 minutes at home each night. Continual practice and reinforcement of reading strategies is the most powerful way to encourage your child’s progress as a reader.

Spelling Words

Grade Primary

Grade One

Homework is officially over for the 2018-19 school year. See you in September!

Grade Primary Homework

Grade One Homework

Downloads - Sight Words

The Grade Ones have a sight word test at the end of each term. They should practice reading and spelling the sight words on a regular basis throughout the term as it will help them become more fluent in both reading and writing.

The Grade Primary Spelling program is based on these sight words as well. Each week's words will be identified with a special sticker on the word wall in the classroom. The students need to practice the words at home. For the test, they need to be able to differentiate among the five words so they can copy them into their Spelling book in the correct order.

sight words 1 flashcard format.docx
sight words 1 word wall format.docx

First term sight words - flashcard and word wall format

sight words 2 flashcard format.docx
sight words 2 word wall format.docx

Second term sight words - flashcard and word wall format

sight words 3 flashcard format.docx
sight words 3 word wall format.docx

Third term sight words - flashcard and word wall format