Plant & Animal Science Outcomes

The focus of the Science curriculum for the last few weeks of the school year is on plant and animal life cycles, so our classroom will be a lively learning environment.

We have already planted seeds which are getting plenty of sunlight on the windowsill of the classroom. Growing time will vary depending on the type of bulb chosen by each child. By May 14th about half of the seeds have sprouted.

Our caterpillars arrived on April 26th, and they are already growing rapidly -- much to the children's delight. All of the caterpillars went into chrysalis as of Monday, May 7th, so we should have butterflies hatching soon. Update on May 16th - Our first butterfly hatched on May 15th with 6 more emerging from chrysalis on May 16th. We ended up with 20+ butterflies which we released on Tuesday, May 22nd. Each student got to release at least one butterfly. We're looking forward to catching glimpses of them around the school grounds over the next few weeks.

Finally, we set 18 duck eggs in our incubator on May 1st with an expected hatch date of the end of May. When we candled the eggs on May 14th, we discovered that 4 of the eggs were not fertilized properly so we removed them from the incubator to prevent bacterial contamination. The children were excited to see the duck embryos developing within the eggs. On May 27th two of our ducklings hatched! The students each put a name suggestion in a plastic egg. The first two names chosen were Fluffy (brown and yellow feathers with yellow feet) and Thunder (brown feathers and feet). We are hoping that more of our eggs will hatch by the end of the week.

Puppet Theatre

The Grade Primary/One class has been saving the donations from each Casual Day to purchase a puppet theatre to use with our extensive collection of puppets. As of May 1st, we have enough money to purchase one so Mrs. Barr has ordered it from Scholastic! It arrived later in the month. We will be incorporating use of the puppet theatre into our Language Arts learning outcomes in the last month of school. Thanks to everyone for your donations.