Welcome to Academics at Summit Academy of Active Learning! Please use our class websites to get a feel for how we do things at Summit Academy, and how it will definitely be different from what you have experienced anywhere else.

Summit Academy is unique. Active learning is not a theory, buzzword, or interesting idea. Rather, it is an integral component of our curriculum and part of our daily practice. While we follow the outcomes of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), we put our own stamp on things because we believe that learning is so much more than simply reading text in a book. Learning is feeling, doing, seeing, experiencing, trying, exploring, AND reading text in a book. Our teaching philosophy matches the vision of the school – producing well-rounded students who will thrive in tomorrow’s world. For that reason, we encourage investigation and questioning, and guide each child to realize their full potential, establishing them on the path to lifelong learning.